The Vest™ System, Model 105 – Home Care

Improved lung function for the patient

The Vest Airway Clearance System, Model 105, is a designed to assist patients in the mobilisation of retained secretions that, if not removed, may lead to increased rates of respiratory infection, hospitalisation and reduced lung function.

The Vest System can assist in airway clearance for patients suffering from airway clearance dysfunction, secretion retention and/or ineffective cough or secretion clearance due to immobility, deconditioning or muscle weakness. The Vest Airway Clearance System, Model 105 represents technology from the innovators of High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation or HFCWO.

Through High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation technology, The Vest Airway Clearance System serves to assist patients in moving retained secretions from smaller airways to larger airways where they can more easily be removed by coughing, which helps patients breathe a little easier™. 


Advanced therapy 

Air pulse generator

  • Simple to use
  • More than 80 clinical studies documenting safety and/or efficacy
  • 5th generation technology from the innovator of HFCWO therapy
  • Eases the patient into therapy to maximise comfort
  • Reduces pressure in the inflatable garment when paused to aid deep breathing
  • Multiple programming options increase prescription flexibility
  • Device can be programmed in several languages
  • Simple, Flexible Programming: Normal Mode, Ramp Mode and Program Mode with Cough Pause® Option

The C3 washable garment line

  • Reusable, machine washable and dryable
  • Brushed fabric that is super soft to the touch
  • High tech, multi-layer fabric design with breathable,3-D mesh lining
  • Lightweight, slick click buckle design
  • Colors including: cashmere rose, coastal blue, calming black, color me purple, and cool camo

Classic garment line

  • Multiple styles maximise the ability to correctly fit the patient
  • Wide size range including toddler and bariatric sizes
  • Comfort maximised by eliminating hoses within the inflatable garment

Superior physician & health care, team support


  • Experience with more than 123,000 patients prescribed with The Vest™ Airway Clearance System
  • More than 80 clinical studies support the safety and/or efficacy of The Vest™ Airway Clearance System
  • Industry leading airway clearance education program designed for physicians
  • Outcomes monitoring feedback to support effective therapy initiation and adherence
  • Shipment upon prescription*
  • Support across the health care continuum
    - Clinical
    - Technical
    - Product availability (acute and long-term environments)
    - Knowledgeable sales representatives 

* subject to payor requirements

Health care team

  • Industry leader in providing airway clearance education
    - Continuing education credit program
    - Customised in-person or group education programs
  • Minimal patient documentation support requirements
  • Industry leading teams, in both size and experience, to support patients
    - In-home clinical training
    - Payor claim and documentation submission
    - Customer Service availability (24 hours/day,7 days/week)

Superior patient support


  • More than 20 years experience supporting patients with HFCWO devices
  • Covers parts, labor and accessories
  • The Vest™ Airway Clearance System distributed by Hillrom, a leading, global health care provider with more than 80 years of industry experience
  • Effective patient support provided by staff within the HFCWO segment
  • Product support across the health care continuum